With standards in civil construction higher than they’ve ever been, the need for advancement in manhole technology is clear. We set out to create manholes that are guaranteed watertight, accurate, and easy to install.

The PERFECT manhole system was developed by Schüsselbauer Technology in Austria, and procured by Leko in 2017. We are now the exclusive manufacturer of these manhole bases in Western Canada. We are producing bases at record numbers and the positive feedback has been overwhelming.


Perfect bases are poured upside-down over assembled channels with high-performance self-consolidating concrete. This ensures a watertight base with seamless channel intersections.


Perfect bases can be produced quickly and accurately. Onsite costs are reduced as there is no need for onsite benching of manhole bases. It also facilitates a safer work site, as there is no need for coring barrels onsite and the associated exposure to hazardous silica dust.


Bases are available in all of our standard manhole diameters, and collars are compatible with our barrel risers and Tylox SuperSeal gaskets. A complete system, from invert to rim!


Every manhole is designed and built to the individual specifications and requirements of each project. Pipe types, sizes, angles, and grades are customized for  installation. 


Perfect bases are manufactured with openings for SDR, Ultra-Rib, Kor-Flo and HDPE pipes. Leko Precast offers drop-in services and catch basin leads as an added value to our customers.


Because channels are mechanically programmed and robotically cut, we can reduce many problems commonly associated with hand-benching. Our bases will not puddle, and flow is optimized even at low pipe grades.


Our knowledgeable service personnel will send complete takeoffs for approval.  Send the construction drawings to our office, approve, and arrange delivery of your order!